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Changelog: PIXresizer 2.0.8 - DOSname 1.0.2 - Alarm 2.0.7 - SnapShot 1.0.6
Program page: PIXresizer 2.0.8 - DOSname 1.0.2 - Alarm 2.0.7 - SnapShot 1.0.6
Coming up: IPaddress 4, TXTcollector 3 and PIXresizer 3 (.Net versions)

Free computer software for Windows

Welcome! This is the homepage of Bluefive software, which is in fact just me, David De Groot; the genius (yet admirably modest man!) behind the scenes... These are the pages where you will find the tools I make available to the general public. Most of them are utilities that can make your life a little easier. (And all freeware: my way of repaying everything I've got from other freeware authors).

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Freeware utilities, applications and useful tools

All software here is fully functional, free to download, and should run on almost every Windows OS that is out there. The utilities are visually appealing, simple to use and to the point. No hassle with unnecessary complexities!

Some of our most popular tools include: Alarm, a digital alarm clock; FontPage, a font viewer that you can use to examine all of the fonts on your system; IPaddress, a tiny utility to check, show, copy and e-mail your IP address; PIXresizer, a very user-friendly image resizer; TXTcollector, a text file merging tool, and SnapShot, a full-featured screen capture tool for your screenshots. Of course there are more tools, I'm sure you will find a program on this site which more or less suits your needs.

Resources, Programs, Info and Must Reads

Do checkout the Recommended Links page. Have a look, because you will find some pretty decent info there: I am convinced that there is at least one treasure on that page that you haven't discovered yet. Check it out readers! Both of you!

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