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PAD Files for the Bluefive freewares

PAD stands for Portable Application Description. PAD is an XML-based open format to describe downloadable applications. If you maintain a software catalog, such as a download site, and want to include my software, please use these PAD files. To keep the contents on your site current, poll these files regularly.

You can even take things one step further by polling my master PAD file. This file is a plain text file that lists the full URLs to all my PAD files. By polling this file regularly, your automated system can automatically discover any new software packages available from Bluefive and process their PAD files. Below are links to the PAD files I already have available for Bluefive's products:


Bluefive's most popular applications have a version 4.x specification PAD file on the AppVisor PAD Repository. The others are still on PAD v3.x. You can find out more about PAD files and get to know why vendors and webmasters should support PAD on the ASP (Association of Shareware Professionals) web site.


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